5 Mistakes Car Owners Make When Purchasing Auto Insurance

Selecting the right auto insurance coverage can be a challenge, especially for new drivers. Working with a competent insurance agent from Castillo & Associates Insurance in Tucson, AZ can help you avoid costly mistakes in your coverage. Here are some common mistakes car owners make when looking for an auto insurance policy.

Choosing a Policy on the Run

It doesn’t pay to be in a hurry when shopping for auto insurance. If you go too fast, you could choose the wrong coverage or select a policy that costs more than necessary. By taking the time to shop around, you’re more likely to find the coverage you need at an affordable price. 

Getting Insufficient Coverage

Your auto insurance should provide the protection you need to repair your vehicle and cover liability costs for accidents you cause. Insufficient coverage could result in your paying hundreds or thousands of dollars out-of-pocket in the event of an accident.  

Overpaying for your Coverage

Some car insurance policies include "extras" that sound good, but may not be as useful as you think. Make sure you read your policy carefully to ensure you’re getting essential coverage at a reasonable cost.

Not Checking Reviews on Your Insurer

Insurance companies vary in the quality of the services they provide. Before purchasing a policy, take time to check the reviews of companies you’re interested in to ensure they’re trustworthy, especially when it comes to fulfilling insurance claims.    

Getting the Minimum Coverage Required by Law

Most states require that drivers have minimum liability coverage.  Minimum liability coverage, however, may not be enough to cover medical or property damage costs of serious accidents you cause. This puts you at risk of being sued for damages.

For help in choosing the auto insurance coverage that provides the personalized protection you need, contact Castillo & Associates Insurance in Tucson, AZ.    

Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers

At Castillo & Associates Insurance, we have helped many first-time drivers insure their car at fair rates. So if you live in Tucson, AZ and your teen is getting ready to drive their first vehicle, make sure that you follow these simple hacks to ensure that your teen doesn’t pay too much for coverage.

Invest in Accident Forgiveness

Buying a policy with “accident forgiveness” is a great choice for a first-time driver because they are most likely to experience an accident during this time. Accident forgiveness will prevent their rates from rising if they cause a crash. Accidents after that, though, may affect rates.

Don’t Forget Defensive Driving Classes

Teens who are worried about high rates can enroll in a defensive driving class. These courses are designed to teach a teen how to drive safely. Just as importantly, these classes show insurance companies that a driver is safe and ensures the company that your teen is safe.

Keep the Teen on Your Policy

First-time drivers may want to stay on their parents’ insurance for awhile to avoid serious cost issues. This benefit is huge because you can bundle the teen’s insurance with yours when they get old enough to improve your family’s auto insurance rates even more.

Work to Improve Their Grades

Though it might not be something you don’t hear about a lot, good student discounts are available for many teen drivers. The idea is that students with great grades are better drivers because they are more responsible. These rate improvements typically occur if a student has a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Help Your Teen Get Great Insurance

Driving in Tucson, AZ doesn’t have to be excessively expensive for your first-time teen driver. Instead, you can contact us at Castillo & Associates Insurance to learn more about these simple insurance hacks and other ways to keep down your car insurance.

Using Your Auto Insurance for Your Children’s Cars

Your child just bought their first car and needs an insurance policy. Thankfully, you can contact Castillo & Associates Insurance to put them on your policy. We have helped countless Tuscon, AZ area residents take this step and to help their children on the path towards responsible car ownership.

How This Step Helps

Adding your child’s policy to yours can help to save money in several different ways. First of all, bundling policies like this usually get you a rebate on their costs. In this way, you can save your child money – especially if they are working part-time while going to college.

Easing your child into car ownership like this helps to make the process easier not just for you but for them. Just as importantly, you can save yourself money by avoiding having to pay too much for an otherwise pricey insurance policy for them.

Should You Insure an Adult Child?

If you have an adult child who lives with you – anywhere from 18-40 or beyond – you can insure a vehicle in your child’s name and have them give you the money to pay for it. They can even make the payments themselves. However, your adult child may be doing themselves a grave disservice.

Getting insurance in their name is smarter because it helps them to build stronger credit than they would have without it. It can also protect you from having to pay hundreds of dollars a month on a policy you might not be able to avoid. In the end, of course, the call is yours.

So if your child just bought a car and needs some help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Castillo & Associates Insurance. We can help Tuscon, AZ residents and those in the surrounding area learn more about auto coverage and ways to maximize its coverage.

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Flood or Water Damage?

The agents at Castillo & Associates Insurance provide all types of auto insurance to the residents of Tucson, AZ. They are capable of evaluating your existing policy and providing you with the type of auto insurance you need to prevent significant financial loss if your car is damaged or destroyed. Their policies can be written to cover several types of damage. This includes flood or water damage. 

Types of Water/Flood Damage

Water damage can occur in several ways. While most places in Arizona are not prone to flooding, there are other types of damage that can ruin your motor and the interior of your car. Storm damage can damage windows allowing rain to soak the interior of your car. Driving through large areas of standing water can also damage your motor. It’s important to be adequately prepared for water damage of any kind. 

Are You Covered?

The type of auto insurance you have will determine if you are covered by water damage. In most cases, water damage is only covered by a comprehensive coverage insurance policy that protects you against all kinds of damage. Collision insurance only protects against damaged caused by an accident. PL/PD only covers damages and injuries caused to the other driver and their passenger.

Residents of Tucson, AZ are encouraged to call Castillo & Associates Insurance to review their current auto insurance policy. A review of your policy will ensure that you are sufficiently covered against all types of damage. Call the office today to speak to a licensed insurance agent and schedule an appointment to have your policy reviewed and updated. 


How to Get an Auto Insurance Quote on a Vehicle You Don’t Yet Own

If you are looking to purchase a new vehicle, it is advised that you obtain auto insurance quotes to determine how much your auto insurance will be for the car you are considering buying. However, in order to get an accurate auto insurance quote, you have to provide the VIN number of the car in question. As such, many people ask us at Castillo & Associates Insurance how to get an insurance quote on a vehicle they do not yet own. Here is how. 

When you are looking to obtain a quote on a car that you do not yet own, you will need to tell the insurance company exactly what you are trying to do. They can bypass the VIN number on their insurance quote page and give you a rough quote based on the make, model and condition of the car you are looking to insure, as well as the zip code that the vehicle will be housed at. However, it is important to note that the quote you are given is not a binding quote, as may be the case when you enter the VIN in. The amount you are quoted may change when the VIN is entered into the system based on the exact specifications of the car you are purchasing,. Obtaining an estimate will allow you to determine approximately how much your insurance will be for that car and if it is something you can afford. 

If you are looking to obtain a quote for a car you are thinking about purchasing or have already purchased, give Castillo & Associates Insurance a call today. We can provide you with a free quote to help you price out auto insurance. 

Finding the Best Auto Insurance in Arizona

For individuals living in Arizona, auto insurance is mandatory before you are legally able to drive your vehicle on the open road. Castillo & Associates Insurance serves Tucson, AZ and is capable of providing you with the proper insurance prior to driving, ensuring you are legal in all areas and your vehicle is properly registered within the system. Getting the right auto insurance depends on your current financial situation and ability to afford full-coverage insurance or PLPD to simply protect you from potential accident lawsuits. 

In Arizona, obtaining auto insurance is required immediately after registering a vehicle and providing proof of financial stability. Even if you have an out-of-state vehicle registered, it is still necessary to obtain proper insurance within the state of Arizona itself before you can operate a motorized vehicle. The minimum requirements for auto insurance in Arizona is $15,000 per person who is driving along with $30,000 coverage for potential bodily injury that occurs after an accident has taken place. Additionally, $10,000 of property damage insurance is also required within the coverage you select for your vehicle in the case of an accident. We offer a range of services involving auto insurance ranging from comprehensive coverage and collision coverage to uninsured motorist insurance. If you are in need of PIP (Personal Injury Protection) or medical payment details regarding your auto insurance, we are here to help. Whenever you are planning to operate a vehicle in Arizona, it is imperative to ensure you are properly covered to avoid potential tickets and devastating financial repercussions. 

For more information and details on getting a quote for the auto insurance you need, get in touch with Castillo & Associates Insurance today.

Can You Authorize Other Drivers to Make Changes to Your Auto Policy?

To be honest sometimes it is difficult to make time to change your auto policy yourself. In some cases, it is necessary to authorize other drivers on the policy to make policy changes so that your family policy can be perfect for your needs. For those that are in or around the Tucson, AZ area, the agents with Castillo & Associates Insurance can help you make your policy customized so that all users are insured.

If you find that you simply do not have the time to change your auto policy or that you are not sure what needs to be changed, you can in fact authorize other users on the policy to make changes. The process is simpler than you might imagine. If you are using an online site and making changes yourself, in most cases the site will have a space where you can designate people to make changes or where you can set a password or other security measure that the person seeking to change the account must know.

This is just one way to authorize a user. If you are going through an agency to help you manage your policy you can do the same thing. In many cases, if you are using an agency they will ask you to list those users that can change the policy. In most cases, they will also come up with a security phrase, password, or other piece of information that the person seeking to change the account must possess in order to do so. This makes things easier for everyone involved as the main policy holder sets the security measures and only share the information with people they trust.

For those that are living in or around the Tucson, AZ area, the agents with Castillo & Associates Insurance can help you to alter your account accordingly.