How Does A Home Insurance Claim Work?

When you buy a home in Tucson, AZ, you also need to have a home insurance policy. If something happens to your home, it’s important to know how an insurance claim works.

At Castillo & Associates Insurance, we first want to explain the basic coverage that you have. You have liability protection against anyone injured in your home as well as if someone in your household damages your neighbor’s property. You also have protection over your dwelling and your belongings.

Since you have coverage in so many areas, you can file a home insurance claim for a variety of scenarios. You could call to file a claim if there’s a fire in your home, it got broken into, or even if you accidentally damaged the neighbor’s fence. 

When you call to place the claim, the insurance company will ask for details. They may send an adjuster to the home, too. That person will take photos, ask questions, and conduct an investigation. If your story matches up with what they see happened and you have the right coverage in place, the insurance company will pay for the repairs and/or replacements.

The only thing you will be financially responsible for is the deductible. This is a pre-set amount of money that you will pay to the insurance company. Then, they will cover everything else up to the limits that you have in place.

Since you never know what could happen, it’s better to have plenty of coverage in all areas to avoid your insurance claim getting denied. If a claim is denied, you would be financially responsible for everything.

At Castillo & Associates Insurance, we’re here to help you with all things related to your home insurance, including making sure that you have the right coverage. If you have to file a claim in Tucson, AZ, we want to make sure you have sufficient coverage.



Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers

At Castillo & Associates Insurance, we have helped many first-time drivers insure their car at fair rates. So if you live in Tucson, AZ and your teen is getting ready to drive their first vehicle, make sure that you follow these simple hacks to ensure that your teen doesn’t pay too much for coverage.

Invest in Accident Forgiveness

Buying a policy with “accident forgiveness” is a great choice for a first-time driver because they are most likely to experience an accident during this time. Accident forgiveness will prevent their rates from rising if they cause a crash. Accidents after that, though, may affect rates.

Don’t Forget Defensive Driving Classes

Teens who are worried about high rates can enroll in a defensive driving class. These courses are designed to teach a teen how to drive safely. Just as importantly, these classes show insurance companies that a driver is safe and ensures the company that your teen is safe.

Keep the Teen on Your Policy

First-time drivers may want to stay on their parents’ insurance for awhile to avoid serious cost issues. This benefit is huge because you can bundle the teen’s insurance with yours when they get old enough to improve your family’s auto insurance rates even more.

Work to Improve Their Grades

Though it might not be something you don’t hear about a lot, good student discounts are available for many teen drivers. The idea is that students with great grades are better drivers because they are more responsible. These rate improvements typically occur if a student has a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Help Your Teen Get Great Insurance

Driving in Tucson, AZ doesn’t have to be excessively expensive for your first-time teen driver. Instead, you can contact us at Castillo & Associates Insurance to learn more about these simple insurance hacks and other ways to keep down your car insurance.

3 reason why you need life insurance

Life insurance comes with many benefits that some mistakenly believe are only attainable when a person dies. There are ways, however, for you to cash in on your policy while still alive and thriving in Tuscon, AZ. Read on to learn about the three biggest reasons to invest in a life assurance plan. Call the experts at Castillo & Associates Insurance to get started with a quote!

1. Pay for final expenses

The most common reason to purchase a life indemnity policy is to pay for final expenses. Term life assurance is the most common option when you want to cover final arrangements. It is fairly easy for you to designate beneficiaries so that you ensure the right family member has access to the money that is meant to pay for your final expenses.

In many ways, life insurance removes the confusion that may come from loved ones sorting out the details of your bank account. It is pretty clear that money coming from a life indemnity policy is for funeral arrangements and not just another source of income.

2. Pay off debt

Life insurance may not be another source of income in its entirety. A whole assurance policy can, however, help you pay off debt while you are living and after you pass on. Of course, family members can use what is left from a life insurance policy to close loose ends in terms of debt. A whole life assurance plan gives you the added option of cashing in on the interest that accrues so that you can reduce the amount that you owe while still alive.

Claiming interest on a whole life insurance plan is especially helpful when emergencies arise. You can use the funds to cover unexpected expenses so that you do not have to go into even deeper debt by taking out a loan to pay for things.

3. Replace a spouse’s income

There are times when the unexpected has lasting effects. Such is the case when an illness or injury prevents your spouse from working. A whole life insurance policy can make up for the loss of income so that you do not have re-arrange everything until your spouse is back on his feet.

There are many benefits to purchasing a life insurance plan in Tuscon, AZ. Let the experts at Castillo & Associates Insurance tell you more!

When Is a Good Time to Get Health Insurance?

There’s never been a better time to get health insurance nin Tuscon, AZ. You may have heard that there are only certain parts of the year when a person can enroll in a new plan, and while this is true to a certain extent, it should also be known that you are free to purchase health insurance at any time. There are many changes that can occur in a person’s life that make it to where they need to get a new insurance policy. Keep reading to learn why now is the best time to start shopping for health insurance.

You Can Tweak Your Policy At Any Time

As you get older, your health needs are likely to change. Just because you get a certain type of policy now doesn’t mean you can’t change it in the future. If you’re unsure as to what type of policy to get, it is highly-recommended that you speak with a qualified agent from Castillo & Associates Insurance. An agent can assess your health needs and help you create a policy that meets those needs. As you get older and as your health needs change, your agent can help you tweak your plan to better suit your needs and preferences.

Everyone Needs Health Coverage

Another reason now is the best time to get health insurance is because everyone needs health coverage. Even if you don’t get sick for every often, it is still very important to your health that you receive regular wellness checks. These checks can be very expensive without health insurance coverage.

To learn more about the importance of health insurance and how to go about getting a policy that meets all of your needs, contact Castillo & Associates Insurance serving the Tuscon, AZ area.

Should You Choose Replacement Value Or Actual Cost Value Home Insurance?

When choosing the type of home owner’s insurance you want, it is important to know whether you would like to be able to replace your home completely based on the current market value, or would you rather receive the amount it cost to build the home. 

Actual Value Or Replacement Cost

Generally, you are probably going to come out ahead if you select replacement cost insurance. There may be some circumstances where you might benefit from actual cost value insurance products, but it tends to be easier to work with the replacement value. Replacement value insurance will pay you the current market value of your home and the current amount of labor it will take to rebuild the home. Actual value locks in the price when the home is built and doesn’t allow for changes. Choose an insurance agent who will work with you to find the type of insurance you need to adequately protect your home.

Working With The Right Agency

Not all insurance agencies are alike, which is why you need to choose a reputable company who knows the ins and outs of home insurance. You can depend on the knowledgeable insurance agents at Castillo & Associates Insurance, serving the residents in and around the Tuscon, AZ area to suggest the right products. They are dedicated to helping clients achieve the peace of mind that only the highest quality insurance can provide.

Before deciding on a policy, call or stop by the office of Castillo & Associates Insurance. They look forward to serving the residents in the Tuscon, AZ area and helping them achieve stability and confidence with their insurance products. 

Using Your Auto Insurance for Your Children’s Cars

Your child just bought their first car and needs an insurance policy. Thankfully, you can contact Castillo & Associates Insurance to put them on your policy. We have helped countless Tuscon, AZ area residents take this step and to help their children on the path towards responsible car ownership.

How This Step Helps

Adding your child’s policy to yours can help to save money in several different ways. First of all, bundling policies like this usually get you a rebate on their costs. In this way, you can save your child money – especially if they are working part-time while going to college.

Easing your child into car ownership like this helps to make the process easier not just for you but for them. Just as importantly, you can save yourself money by avoiding having to pay too much for an otherwise pricey insurance policy for them.

Should You Insure an Adult Child?

If you have an adult child who lives with you – anywhere from 18-40 or beyond – you can insure a vehicle in your child’s name and have them give you the money to pay for it. They can even make the payments themselves. However, your adult child may be doing themselves a grave disservice.

Getting insurance in their name is smarter because it helps them to build stronger credit than they would have without it. It can also protect you from having to pay hundreds of dollars a month on a policy you might not be able to avoid. In the end, of course, the call is yours.

So if your child just bought a car and needs some help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Castillo & Associates Insurance. We can help Tuscon, AZ residents and those in the surrounding area learn more about auto coverage and ways to maximize its coverage.

What You Should Know about Home Insurance and the Holidays

The holiday season in Tuscon, AZ can bring a lot of mishaps that may or not be covered by insurance, so it’s important that you and your family are prepared for these things. This way, you can be jollier instead of being a Grinch.

Expensive Presents and Engagement Rings: The holidays are the prime time for engagement season, and other expensive presents may be given during this time. While your home insurance covers some personal property, there are limits for jewelry, furs, art, and antiques. If you are giving or receiving some expensive presents, add them to your policy as soon as possible.

Other Presents: If a thief snatches up your gifts, then your policy will cover these up to a certain amount. Burglaries can increase during the holidays, so avoid leaving gifts in plain sight.

Alcohol: Alcohol and some good old-fashioned eggnog can increase your liability risk when you are hosting people in your home. If a guest hurts himself or herself, or someone else, you could be liable if they sue. Check with your agent at Castillo & Associates Insurance to learn more about your liability coverage.

Fire: The holidays are a busy time for fires. Candles may be a small part of house fires, but there are a lot of candle-related fires on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The holiday triggers are trees, Christmas lights, and cooking. Your homeowner’s insurance will cover fires, but take precautions when it comes to your decorating and holiday cooking.

Sewage Backup: There is a lot more cooking that occurs during the holidays, and if you back up your sewage system, it typically won’t be covered under your policy. When cooking, don’t pour grease or other waste in your sink to avoid clogging the drain and causing sewage problems.  

Contact Castillo & Associates Insurance, serving Tuscon, AZ, to get a quote on homeowners insurance.

Commercial Insurance Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

At Castillo & Associates Insurance, we have seen too many Tucson, AZ businesses make commercial insurance mistakes over the years. These common errors are understandable, but they can cost you money and ruin your coverage effectiveness.

Not Covering All Of Your Properties 

Did you check your policy to make sure that every piece of property you own was insured? If not, you are going to be in for a rude awakening when something happens to an uninsured item. Just because you insure your business, that doesn’t mean everything will be protected. Make sure you get specific coverage on every piece of property to avoid this problem. 

Ignoring Business Income Insurance 

Failing to insure your business income is a significant issue because it can help to protect you against loss of income when your company is unable to operate. For example, let’s say that your building suffers from a fire or vandalism. Your average commercial insurance will cover the cost of these repairs. However, without income insurance, your loss of finances won’t be covered. 

Paying Too Much 

This point may seem obvious on its surface. However, too many businesses insure their businesses for more than they are worth. For example, some buy a $2 million policy in property insurance for a $1 million company. Guess what? You can only ever get the value of your business back in a plan. Don’t waste your money on excessively covering your business but fine-tune your policy to meet the demands of your company.

Avoiding These Mistakes 

If you live in Tucson, AZ and need a company who can help you avoid these mistakes, contact us at Castillo & Associates Insurance. We cover Tucson and the surrounding areas and can provide you with high-quality policies that meet your needs. 

The Benefits of Having Commercial Insurance

If you own your own business, there is no getting around it — you are going to need to invest in commercial insurance. You may think to yourself that you only own a small business, so therefore there is no reason to put commercial insurance on it, but the truth is, you will still benefit from having this type of protection. In fact, the peace of mind that it can give you in itself is enough reason to purchase it. For now, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of commercial insurance for your company. 

It may be required by law

In some states, you are required by law to have commercial insurance. There are, of course, certain pieces of criteria that decide whether or not you need this type of insurance, such as the number of employees you have. With this in mind, it is always a good idea to speak with an insurance specialist to determine whether or not your business is required by law to be protected with commercial insurance. 

Keep your company going during a disaster

What happens if your business floods and all of your products are ruined? How will you continue paying your employees and restock your shelves? With commercial insurance, you can have peace of mind in knowing that in the event of a disaster, you will still be able to stay afloat. 

If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of protecting your business with commercial insurance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today at Castillo & Associates Insurance serving the Tucson, AZ area. 

Who Needs Commercial Insurance?

Owning a small business is a dream for many people.  For those that are in the Tucson, AZ area, making sure that the business is properly insured is very important.  While there are situations in which having some types of insurance may be elective, there are other situations in which having insurance is a requirement by law or under a different agreement.

Worker’s Compensation

One situation in which you will need to have commercial insurance is if you have employees.  In the State of Arizona, workers compensation insurance is a requirement to have even if you have only one employee.  Workers compensation will provide you with coverage in the event an employee is injured while they are on the job.  Not having it in place could lead to significant penalties.  

Property Coverage

If you own your own business property, you will also be required to carry property coverage. This type of insurance will provide you with financial protection for the building and the contents inside of it. Your mortgage lender will normally require carrying property insurance  Furthermore, if you lease the property, you may be required to carry insurance in the name of your property owner.  

Liability Coverage

If you have a bank loan, the lender may also require you to carry liability coverage. Liability coverage will provide you with coverage in the event you are found liable due to an injury that occurs at your place of business or if someone is hurt through the use of your product or service.  

For those that are in the Tucson, AZ area, choosing the right commercial insurance policy is very important. Due to the complexity of commercial insurance, meeting with Castillo & Associates Insurance could be very helpful. Castillo & Associates Insurance will work with you to help you better understand your insurance needs and make sure you get into the right policy.