Health Insurance: What About Pre-Existing Conditions?

When Tucson, AZ clients seek health insurance policies, there is no shortage of questions that have to be answered. Castillo & Associates Insurance is here to help. Preexisting conditions are one of the primary areas of discussion in these instances. So what does the applicant need to know before meeting with an insurance provider in Tucson, AZ?

What Counts as a Preexisting Condition?

Any health problem that the applicant was aware of before filing an application for a new policy counts as a preexisting condition. Cancer, diabetes, sleep apnea, epilepsy and lupus are typically included in these instances. Be sure to ask about any specific preexisting conditions that have not been listed during the consultation meeting. 

Will I Be Denied If One Of These Conditions Exists?

By law, no health insurance provider is able to deny an applicant who is looking to receive coverage. There are also no limits that can be placed on the health insurance plan. If the client is experiencing these sorts of difficulties when it comes time to meet with a health insurance provider in the state of Arizona, this is a sure sign that the applicant should be focusing their attentions elsewhere.

What About Pregnancies?

If an applicant is pregnant before they apply for these policies, they cannot be denied on that basis. The insurer is also not allowed to charge the applicant extra because they are pregnant. This is a practice that is forbidden by law. Once the applicant has enrolled in the policy, they receive the necessary coverage and so does their child. As soon as the plan starts, the parent and their baby receive complete coverage. 

Be sure to visit the Castillo & Associates Insurance website to find out more about preexisting conditions and how they affect a potential policy. Pick up the phone and give us a call if you have any further questions. 

Understanding Universal Life Choices

There are four categories of universal life insurance, which are 1) standard non-guaranteed; 2) non-lapse guaranteed; 3) indexed, and; 4) variable. Be sure to talk with your agent at Castillo & Associates Insurance, serving Tucson, AZ and the surrounding area to get a full explanation of the details and help with all your life insurance needs.

Here is a brief explanation of the different types of universal life insurance.

Standard Non-Guaranteed Universal Life

This traditional form of universal life does not have a guaranteed level premium. Over time the premiums increase. It has a cash value and an interest rate return that adds to the cash value. It compares with term life insurance more than with whole life because most do not use this type of universal life policy as permanent insurance for the entire lifetime of the insured.

Non-Lapse Guaranteed Universal Life

This type of universal life is similar to the standard type in that it builds cash value over time and has an interest rate return that adds to the cash value. It differs from standard universal life in that the premiums are guaranteed to be level. This means that the premiums stay the same over the lifetime of the insured. If the guarantee premiums are paid, the policy is permanent life insurance and will pay benefits upon the death of the insured.

Indexed Universal Life

Indexed universal life can be guaranteed with level premiums or non-guaranteed like standard universal life. This type of universal life has an annual return and builds cash value over time. The return can be linked to the performance of a major stock index such as the S&P 500.

Variable Universal Life

Variable universal life is a non-guaranteed type of policy, which means the premiums may change. It has investment characteristics that allow the policyholder to make an investment allocation in certain mutual funds. The performance of this insurance is dependent on the underlying performance of the mutual funds owned through the policy.

To learn more and get a life insurance quote contact your agent at Castillo & Associates Insurance in Tucson, AZ by contacting us today.

Considerations When Adding a Room Addition to a Home

There are plenty of wonderful reasons to add another room to a home, such as having more space, adding another bathroom, adding another bedroom so the kids can each have their own bedroom, adding a guest room, or creating a home office.

Getting Ready for a Room Addition

Let your agent at Castillo & Associates Insurance, serving Tucson, AZ and the nearby area, know about your plans. You want to make sure to have home insurance coverage adjusted and in place before the construction starts and for the increased value of the home after the project is finished.

Guide for a Home Addition Project

Here are the steps to take when planning a new room addition:

  1. Property Line: Make sure you know exactly where the property lines are located. It is a very good idea to let your neighbors know you are considering adding a new room to give them some advance notice. The helps to avoid any disputes to keep the relationship with them in good standing.
  2. Design: Create a design for the addition that works with the existing floor plan of the home. Be sure to consider any building code restrictions.
  3. Plans: Create plans with the help of a qualified building contractor, architect, and an interior designer. Seek approval of the plans from the local building department and get a building permit before beginning any construction.
  4. Budget: Make a budget by working with the contractor. Add 10% to the budget for unexpected expenses.
  5. Insurance: Be sure that your contractor carries the proper insurance for the job including worker’s compensation and general liability. Ask for a copy of the insurance policies. Adjust your home insurance as required, before the project starts, with the help of your agent.

Call 520-323-0220 to speak with your agent at Castillo & Associates Insurance in Tucson, AZ to get a quote for home insurance or use the convenient online request form.

5 Mistakes Car Owners Make When Purchasing Auto Insurance

Selecting the right auto insurance coverage can be a challenge, especially for new drivers. Working with a competent insurance agent from Castillo & Associates Insurance in Tucson, AZ can help you avoid costly mistakes in your coverage. Here are some common mistakes car owners make when looking for an auto insurance policy.

Choosing a Policy on the Run

It doesn’t pay to be in a hurry when shopping for auto insurance. If you go too fast, you could choose the wrong coverage or select a policy that costs more than necessary. By taking the time to shop around, you’re more likely to find the coverage you need at an affordable price. 

Getting Insufficient Coverage

Your auto insurance should provide the protection you need to repair your vehicle and cover liability costs for accidents you cause. Insufficient coverage could result in your paying hundreds or thousands of dollars out-of-pocket in the event of an accident.  

Overpaying for your Coverage

Some car insurance policies include "extras" that sound good, but may not be as useful as you think. Make sure you read your policy carefully to ensure you’re getting essential coverage at a reasonable cost.

Not Checking Reviews on Your Insurer

Insurance companies vary in the quality of the services they provide. Before purchasing a policy, take time to check the reviews of companies you’re interested in to ensure they’re trustworthy, especially when it comes to fulfilling insurance claims.    

Getting the Minimum Coverage Required by Law

Most states require that drivers have minimum liability coverage.  Minimum liability coverage, however, may not be enough to cover medical or property damage costs of serious accidents you cause. This puts you at risk of being sued for damages.

For help in choosing the auto insurance coverage that provides the personalized protection you need, contact Castillo & Associates Insurance in Tucson, AZ.    

Top 5 Dangers Commercial Insurance Can Help Protect You From

Every business faces a variety of risks and dangers.  Commercial insurance is the answer to mitigate many, if not all, of the present risks.  As a business, it is up to you to ensure you have adequate protection.  Working with Castillo & Associates Insurance, you can protect your Tucson, AZ business from the five most common dangers.

1. Interruption of Business – One of the most common dangers you will face as a business is known as business interruption.  This is when your business is unable to function for a certain reason.  Say a disaster strikes and you lose income because of business downtime, commercial insurance can protect against that!

2. Loss of Property – Loss of property is another common danger every business faces.  The property of your business could include your office space or even your physical assets, such as inventory, heavy equipment, etc.  Commercial insurance can provide property coverage.

3. Liability and Injury – You never know when you will end up with an injury at your business.  If it is your own employee, commercial workers’ compensation insurance can help protect you.  If it is a customer, liability coverage as part of your commercial insurance policy will keep your business in a state of protection.

4. Breach of Data Security – Do you fear a data security breach at your business?  Businesses of all sizes can be brought down with one hack and commercial cybersecurity insurance is the answer.  

5. Liquor Liability – If you run a restaurant and serve alcohol, liquor liability insurance is a must-buy as part of your commercial insurance coverage suite.

You face so many dangers as a business.  It all comes down to how you analyze your insurance needs and follow through with binding coverage.  Serving Tucson, AZ, Castillo & Associates Insurance can help analyze your risks and firm insurance needs.

Reasons You Need Umbrella Insurance Right Now

An umbrella insurance policy in Tucson, AZ can protect your current assets and any future earnings from an expensive lawsuit. This policy will increase your liability limits beyond the coverage that is spelled out in your home and auto insurance. It can be much cheaper to add an umbrella policy than it is to increase the limits on these current polices. You should consider an umbrella policy now if you have certain risks. An agent at Castillo & Associates Insurance can help you find the best policy to work with your risk factors.

A Teenage Driver: When a driver is young, the risk of an accident increases significantly. With an accident, you could be sued for injuries and damage.

You Entertain: Entertaining can bring a lot of risks, including guests falling on your property or being injured at your pool. You could also be sued for negligence if guests leave your party after drinking and injure others.

You Have a Pool: The risks of being sued increase when you have a swimming pool. Your homeowner’s insurance will pay for some of the medical expenses, but if someone gets seriously injured they may need expensive long-term care that will go above and beyond your liability limits.

You Have a Long Commute: The more miles you drive, the greater the risk you have for causing an accident. When car accidents result in a serious injury or death, you can be sued for past and future medical expenses, earning capacity, lost wages, and pain and suffering, which can add up.

You Have a Dog: Bites and other dog-related injuries could add up. Even if your dog seems like he would never bite someone, you never know when an accident can happen.

You Have a Second Home: The more you own, the greater your exposure to liability. Your vacation home may be unoccupied for longer periods of time, so your risk goes up, especially if you have pools or hot tubs that can lure guests when you aren’t there.

Contact Castillo & Associates Insurance, serving Tucson, AZ, to get a quote on umbrella insurance. 

How Does A Home Insurance Claim Work?

When you buy a home in Tucson, AZ, you also need to have a home insurance policy. If something happens to your home, it’s important to know how an insurance claim works.

At Castillo & Associates Insurance, we first want to explain the basic coverage that you have. You have liability protection against anyone injured in your home as well as if someone in your household damages your neighbor’s property. You also have protection over your dwelling and your belongings.

Since you have coverage in so many areas, you can file a home insurance claim for a variety of scenarios. You could call to file a claim if there’s a fire in your home, it got broken into, or even if you accidentally damaged the neighbor’s fence. 

When you call to place the claim, the insurance company will ask for details. They may send an adjuster to the home, too. That person will take photos, ask questions, and conduct an investigation. If your story matches up with what they see happened and you have the right coverage in place, the insurance company will pay for the repairs and/or replacements.

The only thing you will be financially responsible for is the deductible. This is a pre-set amount of money that you will pay to the insurance company. Then, they will cover everything else up to the limits that you have in place.

Since you never know what could happen, it’s better to have plenty of coverage in all areas to avoid your insurance claim getting denied. If a claim is denied, you would be financially responsible for everything.

At Castillo & Associates Insurance, we’re here to help you with all things related to your home insurance, including making sure that you have the right coverage. If you have to file a claim in Tucson, AZ, we want to make sure you have sufficient coverage.



Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers

At Castillo & Associates Insurance, we have helped many first-time drivers insure their car at fair rates. So if you live in Tucson, AZ and your teen is getting ready to drive their first vehicle, make sure that you follow these simple hacks to ensure that your teen doesn’t pay too much for coverage.

Invest in Accident Forgiveness

Buying a policy with “accident forgiveness” is a great choice for a first-time driver because they are most likely to experience an accident during this time. Accident forgiveness will prevent their rates from rising if they cause a crash. Accidents after that, though, may affect rates.

Don’t Forget Defensive Driving Classes

Teens who are worried about high rates can enroll in a defensive driving class. These courses are designed to teach a teen how to drive safely. Just as importantly, these classes show insurance companies that a driver is safe and ensures the company that your teen is safe.

Keep the Teen on Your Policy

First-time drivers may want to stay on their parents’ insurance for awhile to avoid serious cost issues. This benefit is huge because you can bundle the teen’s insurance with yours when they get old enough to improve your family’s auto insurance rates even more.

Work to Improve Their Grades

Though it might not be something you don’t hear about a lot, good student discounts are available for many teen drivers. The idea is that students with great grades are better drivers because they are more responsible. These rate improvements typically occur if a student has a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Help Your Teen Get Great Insurance

Driving in Tucson, AZ doesn’t have to be excessively expensive for your first-time teen driver. Instead, you can contact us at Castillo & Associates Insurance to learn more about these simple insurance hacks and other ways to keep down your car insurance.

3 reason why you need life insurance

Life insurance comes with many benefits that some mistakenly believe are only attainable when a person dies. There are ways, however, for you to cash in on your policy while still alive and thriving in Tuscon, AZ. Read on to learn about the three biggest reasons to invest in a life assurance plan. Call the experts at Castillo & Associates Insurance to get started with a quote!

1. Pay for final expenses

The most common reason to purchase a life indemnity policy is to pay for final expenses. Term life assurance is the most common option when you want to cover final arrangements. It is fairly easy for you to designate beneficiaries so that you ensure the right family member has access to the money that is meant to pay for your final expenses.

In many ways, life insurance removes the confusion that may come from loved ones sorting out the details of your bank account. It is pretty clear that money coming from a life indemnity policy is for funeral arrangements and not just another source of income.

2. Pay off debt

Life insurance may not be another source of income in its entirety. A whole assurance policy can, however, help you pay off debt while you are living and after you pass on. Of course, family members can use what is left from a life insurance policy to close loose ends in terms of debt. A whole life assurance plan gives you the added option of cashing in on the interest that accrues so that you can reduce the amount that you owe while still alive.

Claiming interest on a whole life insurance plan is especially helpful when emergencies arise. You can use the funds to cover unexpected expenses so that you do not have to go into even deeper debt by taking out a loan to pay for things.

3. Replace a spouse’s income

There are times when the unexpected has lasting effects. Such is the case when an illness or injury prevents your spouse from working. A whole life insurance policy can make up for the loss of income so that you do not have re-arrange everything until your spouse is back on his feet.

There are many benefits to purchasing a life insurance plan in Tuscon, AZ. Let the experts at Castillo & Associates Insurance tell you more!

When Is a Good Time to Get Health Insurance?

There’s never been a better time to get health insurance nin Tuscon, AZ. You may have heard that there are only certain parts of the year when a person can enroll in a new plan, and while this is true to a certain extent, it should also be known that you are free to purchase health insurance at any time. There are many changes that can occur in a person’s life that make it to where they need to get a new insurance policy. Keep reading to learn why now is the best time to start shopping for health insurance.

You Can Tweak Your Policy At Any Time

As you get older, your health needs are likely to change. Just because you get a certain type of policy now doesn’t mean you can’t change it in the future. If you’re unsure as to what type of policy to get, it is highly-recommended that you speak with a qualified agent from Castillo & Associates Insurance. An agent can assess your health needs and help you create a policy that meets those needs. As you get older and as your health needs change, your agent can help you tweak your plan to better suit your needs and preferences.

Everyone Needs Health Coverage

Another reason now is the best time to get health insurance is because everyone needs health coverage. Even if you don’t get sick for every often, it is still very important to your health that you receive regular wellness checks. These checks can be very expensive without health insurance coverage.

To learn more about the importance of health insurance and how to go about getting a policy that meets all of your needs, contact Castillo & Associates Insurance serving the Tuscon, AZ area.