Considerations When Adding a Room Addition to a Home

There are plenty of wonderful reasons to add another room to a home, such as having more space, adding another bathroom, adding another bedroom so the kids can each have their own bedroom, adding a guest room, or creating a home office.

Getting Ready for a Room Addition

Let your agent at Castillo & Associates Insurance, serving Tucson, AZ and the nearby area, know about your plans. You want to make sure to have home insurance coverage adjusted and in place before the construction starts and for the increased value of the home after the project is finished.

Guide for a Home Addition Project

Here are the steps to take when planning a new room addition:

  1. Property Line: Make sure you know exactly where the property lines are located. It is a very good idea to let your neighbors know you are considering adding a new room to give them some advance notice. The helps to avoid any disputes to keep the relationship with them in good standing.
  2. Design: Create a design for the addition that works with the existing floor plan of the home. Be sure to consider any building code restrictions.
  3. Plans: Create plans with the help of a qualified building contractor, architect, and an interior designer. Seek approval of the plans from the local building department and get a building permit before beginning any construction.
  4. Budget: Make a budget by working with the contractor. Add 10% to the budget for unexpected expenses.
  5. Insurance: Be sure that your contractor carries the proper insurance for the job including worker’s compensation and general liability. Ask for a copy of the insurance policies. Adjust your home insurance as required, before the project starts, with the help of your agent.

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