Top 5 Dangers Commercial Insurance Can Help Protect You From

Every business faces a variety of risks and dangers.  Commercial insurance is the answer to mitigate many, if not all, of the present risks.  As a business, it is up to you to ensure you have adequate protection.  Working with Castillo & Associates Insurance, you can protect your Tucson, AZ business from the five most common dangers.

1. Interruption of Business – One of the most common dangers you will face as a business is known as business interruption.  This is when your business is unable to function for a certain reason.  Say a disaster strikes and you lose income because of business downtime, commercial insurance can protect against that!

2. Loss of Property – Loss of property is another common danger every business faces.  The property of your business could include your office space or even your physical assets, such as inventory, heavy equipment, etc.  Commercial insurance can provide property coverage.

3. Liability and Injury – You never know when you will end up with an injury at your business.  If it is your own employee, commercial workers’ compensation insurance can help protect you.  If it is a customer, liability coverage as part of your commercial insurance policy will keep your business in a state of protection.

4. Breach of Data Security – Do you fear a data security breach at your business?  Businesses of all sizes can be brought down with one hack and commercial cybersecurity insurance is the answer.  

5. Liquor Liability – If you run a restaurant and serve alcohol, liquor liability insurance is a must-buy as part of your commercial insurance coverage suite.

You face so many dangers as a business.  It all comes down to how you analyze your insurance needs and follow through with binding coverage.  Serving Tucson, AZ, Castillo & Associates Insurance can help analyze your risks and firm insurance needs.