Reasons You Need Umbrella Insurance Right Now

An umbrella insurance policy in Tucson, AZ can protect your current assets and any future earnings from an expensive lawsuit. This policy will increase your liability limits beyond the coverage that is spelled out in your home and auto insurance. It can be much cheaper to add an umbrella policy than it is to increase the limits on these current polices. You should consider an umbrella policy now if you have certain risks. An agent at Castillo & Associates Insurance can help you find the best policy to work with your risk factors.

A Teenage Driver: When a driver is young, the risk of an accident increases significantly. With an accident, you could be sued for injuries and damage.

You Entertain: Entertaining can bring a lot of risks, including guests falling on your property or being injured at your pool. You could also be sued for negligence if guests leave your party after drinking and injure others.

You Have a Pool: The risks of being sued increase when you have a swimming pool. Your homeowner’s insurance will pay for some of the medical expenses, but if someone gets seriously injured they may need expensive long-term care that will go above and beyond your liability limits.

You Have a Long Commute: The more miles you drive, the greater the risk you have for causing an accident. When car accidents result in a serious injury or death, you can be sued for past and future medical expenses, earning capacity, lost wages, and pain and suffering, which can add up.

You Have a Dog: Bites and other dog-related injuries could add up. Even if your dog seems like he would never bite someone, you never know when an accident can happen.

You Have a Second Home: The more you own, the greater your exposure to liability. Your vacation home may be unoccupied for longer periods of time, so your risk goes up, especially if you have pools or hot tubs that can lure guests when you aren’t there.

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