3 reason why you need life insurance

Life insurance comes with many benefits that some mistakenly believe are only attainable when a person dies. There are ways, however, for you to cash in on your policy while still alive and thriving in Tuscon, AZ. Read on to learn about the three biggest reasons to invest in a life assurance plan. Call the experts at Castillo & Associates Insurance to get started with a quote!

1. Pay for final expenses

The most common reason to purchase a life indemnity policy is to pay for final expenses. Term life assurance is the most common option when you want to cover final arrangements. It is fairly easy for you to designate beneficiaries so that you ensure the right family member has access to the money that is meant to pay for your final expenses.

In many ways, life insurance removes the confusion that may come from loved ones sorting out the details of your bank account. It is pretty clear that money coming from a life indemnity policy is for funeral arrangements and not just another source of income.

2. Pay off debt

Life insurance may not be another source of income in its entirety. A whole assurance policy can, however, help you pay off debt while you are living and after you pass on. Of course, family members can use what is left from a life insurance policy to close loose ends in terms of debt. A whole life assurance plan gives you the added option of cashing in on the interest that accrues so that you can reduce the amount that you owe while still alive.

Claiming interest on a whole life insurance plan is especially helpful when emergencies arise. You can use the funds to cover unexpected expenses so that you do not have to go into even deeper debt by taking out a loan to pay for things.

3. Replace a spouse’s income

There are times when the unexpected has lasting effects. Such is the case when an illness or injury prevents your spouse from working. A whole life insurance policy can make up for the loss of income so that you do not have re-arrange everything until your spouse is back on his feet.

There are many benefits to purchasing a life insurance plan in Tuscon, AZ. Let the experts at Castillo & Associates Insurance tell you more!