Should You Choose Replacement Value Or Actual Cost Value Home Insurance?

When choosing the type of home owner’s insurance you want, it is important to know whether you would like to be able to replace your home completely based on the current market value, or would you rather receive the amount it cost to build the home. 

Actual Value Or Replacement Cost

Generally, you are probably going to come out ahead if you select replacement cost insurance. There may be some circumstances where you might benefit from actual cost value insurance products, but it tends to be easier to work with the replacement value. Replacement value insurance will pay you the current market value of your home and the current amount of labor it will take to rebuild the home. Actual value locks in the price when the home is built and doesn’t allow for changes. Choose an insurance agent who will work with you to find the type of insurance you need to adequately protect your home.

Working With The Right Agency

Not all insurance agencies are alike, which is why you need to choose a reputable company who knows the ins and outs of home insurance. You can depend on the knowledgeable insurance agents at Castillo & Associates Insurance, serving the residents in and around the Tuscon, AZ area to suggest the right products. They are dedicated to helping clients achieve the peace of mind that only the highest quality insurance can provide.

Before deciding on a policy, call or stop by the office of Castillo & Associates Insurance. They look forward to serving the residents in the Tuscon, AZ area and helping them achieve stability and confidence with their insurance products.