Using Your Auto Insurance for Your Children’s Cars

Your child just bought their first car and needs an insurance policy. Thankfully, you can contact Castillo & Associates Insurance to put them on your policy. We have helped countless Tuscon, AZ area residents take this step and to help their children on the path towards responsible car ownership.

How This Step Helps

Adding your child’s policy to yours can help to save money in several different ways. First of all, bundling policies like this usually get you a rebate on their costs. In this way, you can save your child money – especially if they are working part-time while going to college.

Easing your child into car ownership like this helps to make the process easier not just for you but for them. Just as importantly, you can save yourself money by avoiding having to pay too much for an otherwise pricey insurance policy for them.

Should You Insure an Adult Child?

If you have an adult child who lives with you – anywhere from 18-40 or beyond – you can insure a vehicle in your child’s name and have them give you the money to pay for it. They can even make the payments themselves. However, your adult child may be doing themselves a grave disservice.

Getting insurance in their name is smarter because it helps them to build stronger credit than they would have without it. It can also protect you from having to pay hundreds of dollars a month on a policy you might not be able to avoid. In the end, of course, the call is yours.

So if your child just bought a car and needs some help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Castillo & Associates Insurance. We can help Tuscon, AZ residents and those in the surrounding area learn more about auto coverage and ways to maximize its coverage.