What You Should Know about Home Insurance and the Holidays

The holiday season in Tuscon, AZ can bring a lot of mishaps that may or not be covered by insurance, so it’s important that you and your family are prepared for these things. This way, you can be jollier instead of being a Grinch.

Expensive Presents and Engagement Rings: The holidays are the prime time for engagement season, and other expensive presents may be given during this time. While your home insurance covers some personal property, there are limits for jewelry, furs, art, and antiques. If you are giving or receiving some expensive presents, add them to your policy as soon as possible.

Other Presents: If a thief snatches up your gifts, then your policy will cover these up to a certain amount. Burglaries can increase during the holidays, so avoid leaving gifts in plain sight.

Alcohol: Alcohol and some good old-fashioned eggnog can increase your liability risk when you are hosting people in your home. If a guest hurts himself or herself, or someone else, you could be liable if they sue. Check with your agent at Castillo & Associates Insurance to learn more about your liability coverage.

Fire: The holidays are a busy time for fires. Candles may be a small part of house fires, but there are a lot of candle-related fires on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The holiday triggers are trees, Christmas lights, and cooking. Your homeowner’s insurance will cover fires, but take precautions when it comes to your decorating and holiday cooking.

Sewage Backup: There is a lot more cooking that occurs during the holidays, and if you back up your sewage system, it typically won’t be covered under your policy. When cooking, don’t pour grease or other waste in your sink to avoid clogging the drain and causing sewage problems.  

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