Are there businesses that don’t require commercial insurance in Tucson?

Do you need commercial insurance in Tucson, AZ? That depends on a few factors. It comes down to industry and scale. In other words: What do you do for a living, and how much are you making doing it?

There are a lot of businesses that, for more people in that line of work than not, will never really require any commercial insurance, for instance:

  • Consulting
  • Many forms of freelancing such as web design and programming
  • Small side businesses like selling art on Etsy

It comes down to this: Does your business have a physical location that is not covered by some other form of insurance, like a homeowner’s policy? And do you have enough in business assets to be worth covering?

A commercial policy is primarily for covering the physical assets of your business. There are other forms of insurance that can help you to protect, for insurance, intellectual property, or to protect the time and money you’ve put into software development should your code be compromised. Commercial insurance is there to make sure that if you suffer a fire or theft or other damages at your Tucson, AZ business, then you will have a safety net there to catch you and help you to recover.

If you are ready for a commercial policy, Castillo & Associates Insurance may help to connect you to a commercial policy that will cost you far less than you might expect. So if you’re ready to take the step, if your business has expanded to the point that it needs commercial insurance coverage, don’t hesitate, give Castillo & Associates Insurance a call.